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Creator : Arnaud Bouret

Date of opening : 2008

Surface : 450m2 divided into 5 multi-use and adjustable sets

Place : An old handicraft workshop with strong vintage character, reconverted into a space for events, creative projects, and contemporary exhibitions.

Spirit : Aesthetic, rustic, offbeat, eclectic, elegant-chic

Public : Companies, professionals, visitors seeking a remarkable and authentic place.

Ambition : To become an innovative  « factory » (Warhol), a platform for artistic encounters, a unique place for creative productions and diffusion in the capital city.

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Logo of la dorure

Surface : 87m2 / 15 x 5,80m
Hauteur : 3,80 à 5m

This space was formerly dedicated to cardboard binding and embossing. Natural aged patina floorboards. White walls. Light well. Loft spirit.

Plan of la dorure
Logo for l'atelier

Surface : 117m2 / 15 x 5,70m
Hauteur : 3,80 à 5m

Once the engine room. Rough concrete floor. Large glass frontage. Side light. Foreman mezzanine.

Plan for l'atelier
Logo for la réserve

Surface : 75m2 / 15 x 5m
Hauteur : 2,60 à 3,90 m

A floor previously used for cardboard storage. Solid wood partitions, framework and floorboards. Old walls with character. Motley furniture. Direct opening onto to the glass roof. Lounge spirit.

Plan for la réserve
Logo for la verrière

Surface : 57m2 / 15m x 3,70m
Hauteur : 6m à 7,50m

Old transit area. Atrium with a 7 metre high glass roof. Waxed concrete floor, brick walls, wooden beams and light well.

Plan for la verrière
Logo for la pause

Surface : 75m2 / 15 x 5m
Hauteur : 3m

Formerly a makeshift refectory where the workmen would have lunch. Today an old style counter, with two toilets (one wheelchair-accessible). Stone walls, slate board and a large iron wrought window.

Plan for la pause
Logo for la boutique

Surface : 28m2 / 2,60 à 3,20m x 8,50m
Hauteur : 3,30m

Shop window onto the street. Main entrance area. Front desk. White walls. Painted concrete floor. High ceilings.

Plan for la boutique